mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In the bleak midwinter

The current fandom debate (I'd call it something else but I'm a lady) over Nice Girls and Mean Girls makes me want to leave fandom and never come back. As paleaswater said once in a similar context, "I know college girls are full of themselves, but this is ridiculous." Or, more trenchantly, "These are the people who are going to be managing my 401(k)?"

However I cheer me up by reading 12Kingdoms, where the general and the king are having a long discussion over the political state of Tai. The general and the king are both women, a matter not thought worthy of particular comment. I recommend this series to anyone who uses the Dykes to Watch Out For yardstick. (Even better. The general in a flashback goes to confront the Winter Minister over telling the young and impressionable Taiki that the King of Tai, who has ostensibly gone to quell a revolt, may have been lured out of his city by false rumours into a trap. The Winter Minister BTW is in charge of arms, the manufacturing and repair and whatever of same. The Winter Minister of Tai turns out to be a young woman, a fact I *hadn't* gleaned from her name, unlike the Autumn Minister who couldn't have been anything else going from *her* name.)

To quote Molesworth, sort of: Now look at Babylon 5. Ugh.
Tags: 12kingdoms, wank

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