mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I've signally failed in my two main objectives of the weekend, to update Firefox and to try mixing cement with a view to mending my front steps.

For the first, I did backup my bookmarks and copy the current version to a separate file and print out the instructions on How To Make Firefox 4 Not Look Like Ass, but in the end wibbly nerves and no one to hold my poor hand saw me chickening out of clicking the .exe file, and thinking about DLing Chrome instead. I only need it for Facebook and Tumblr, after all; Firefox 3-whatever can handle everything else.

(IE 8 is worse than FF3 for Facebook: the latter only hides all comments from me and fails to load full pages; the former crashes spectacularly unless I leave it absolutely strictly alone for five minutes until all FB's gimmicks have loaded. Yappari, FB is for phone users.) (Am thinking even harder of getting a tablet of some kind, not merely for Chrome but for those times when the household internet goes down. And I will say, if I hadn't had squirrels in the walls, I could have had a very nice tablet indeed; possibly even an ipad. Grump.)

For the latter- oh well, did sweet-talk prof Islamic Studies, carpentering in his back yard, into making me a wooden frame for the step, if and when I figure how to use the DIY stuff.

On the semi-win side, bought pricey organic veg and heirloom squash at the Christie St farmers' market up the hill. The carrots are respectable but no better than organic from the greengrocers; and the heirloom Japanese squash is... squash, and not even kabocha squash either. A learning opportunity.

Also spent evening (and an unforeseen chunk of the night because valet parking = 40 minute wait for your car) with the Little Girls. Saw a fair chunk of The Return of the King, even though I thought we were watching The Two Towers, and very nice that was. LotR should be watched with friends on a not-too-big screen (do not need to see spiders bigger than I am, thank you very much), and a sardonic seven-year-old yelling 'Hamstring him! I hate war elephants!!' at Theoden's army is as good a viewing companion as any. The landscapes are gorgeous in the films, though there was a lot of Mordor here; and the rest of it is oh well Peter Jackson.
Tags: food, rl_14, techy

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