mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Chronicles of wasting time

The animal people are coming tomorrow morning to see what has got into my walls. I discover that a mysterious Thing bumping three feet from the computer makes me very reluctant to sit in the study where the bumping happens. Thus I have read two books in English and three chapters of Japanese, vacuumed the hallway and living room, washed the kitchen floor, mucked out the hall cupboard (and decided at last to part with my 1980 duvet, essentially useless since 2001: it takes me a long time to let go of things) and taken the bedroom rug to the cleaners. The things one accomplishes when online solitaire is denied you.

(It rained heavily yesterday morning, and I was suddenly transported back to Tokyo in October of '91, student visa newly in hand, staying at the Tobu Nerima gaijin house; bundled cozy in Lisa's futon and worn blankets, watching Saturday samurai shows on my tiny three inch portable TV while the rains of autumn fell outside the window.)
Tags: japan, rl_14

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