mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Accomplishment for yesterday was to cook lotus root. And very good too, largely because I bought some organic ginger root at Loblaws. It was very very fresh, or else organic ginger is different from the ordinary stuff, because the taste overpowered everything else. Not that lotus root has much taste to be overpowered in the first place.

Today I ate at the famous Vesta Lunch, a greasy spoon with a counter and twirly stools just as in 1963 when I think it was founded. Alas their hot beef sandwich is not the hot beef sandwich I'd have wished; should probably stick to the souvlaki for which it's famous. Why, I don't know, because Mr and Mrs Proprietor, terribly friendly people, speak Spanish to each other. But I've wanted a souvlaki place to replace the long-gone Tasty's, whose cook was Tamil.

And in the course of my wanderings ran across three daycare parents plus offspring, which is something of a record.
Tags: food

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