mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy birthday, incandescens! I hope it is/ was excellent, and that the continuation of it at work tomorrow at least partially soothes the fact that it's Monday (and that you have to provide your own birthday cake, which seems to me *all wrong*.)

Is cold. Is not cold enough to kill off the ragweed or whatever causes the itchy eyes and itchy throat. Passing Blawblaws y'day, saw they were having a tax free day and so bought two bottles of my lens solution for a scant $20. And then thought, 'I've worn my lens maybe one afternoon out of the last month and even then it wouldn't stay in. Why am I buying this stuff again?' My brain seems to have happily settled to this 'left eye short-sighted, right eye long' thing; unlike mvrdrk's husband, I have no difficulty with middle distance.

Years back paleaswater lent me Martha Welles' The Death of the Necromancer, pointing out the vanishing m/m subtext ('it was there when I read it the first time and then it wasn't.') I found it well enough but not grabbing; bought my own copy intending a reread some time but never did. Now someone on my FFL says 'isn't tDotN sort of Sherlock Holmes but from Moriarty's point of view?' That plus hints of steampunk (a word I didn't know in '05) suggests the reread should be soon.
Tags: holmes, reading, rl_14

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