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Five things make a post

1. Thanks to my sister I knew there was an anime fleamarket at the central reference library here, fundraising for the Judith Merrill SFF collection at the library down the street from work. And because I note things on my calendar and then don't go, and because it's really autumn out there, I made myself bicycle over in the rain, through the 'changing, fearfully changing' Yorkville of my adolescence to condo-surrounded Yonge St.

A small venue-- this is your notion of an auditorium, TLS?-- with less than 20 tables, offering the usual used manga and used goods and other oddities, like a bunch of BBoy Gold magazines in pristine condition from 2000 that the vendor offered to sell in bulk. I probably have them, or had them, and politely declined; I'm nostalgic for many things from 2000 but BBoy Gold isn't one of them. (Nor do I know why, but the same old same old of BL and the frankly less than professional standard of many Biblos artists probably comes into it.) What I did buy for $20 was the six DVDs of Otogizoushi, that I saw random eps of ten years back, because I never figured how the modern episodes linked with the Heian ones, and because the modern eps were oh so exactly Tokyo.

Yes, I could probably see them on crunchyroll or something, but my OS and browser are both out of date. Also I got a trojan some years back from, I think, the Kohri no Mamono manga page, and have been antsy ever since about online fannish works.

2. Is autumn. Came in from library to find the furnace on. Since I'd said last night, as I always do, 'I will not will not will not turn on the furnace in September', I don't know how this could be. Am guessing now that I never turned it off in the summer, just shoved the thermostat down under 15. Which (cough) is what it was in the house.

But that does explain why I didn't freeze last night.

3. I had another thing marked in my (mental) calendar, an exhibition of Roma dances at my local library. Having done the social in the morning, I was all 'I wanna stay home and read my fascinating mystery'-- which is the usual reason I never go anywhere; but I flogged me back out of the house again. My reluctance to go to these things stems from a secret fear that no one else will show up, and it'll be just a few people watching or buying or doing whatever while the poor guys go through their paces and try to look happy about it. And it looked like the recital might be the same, because there was a dearth of bicycles in front of the building and a dearth of people going into it. But that, happily, is because the concert is on the 27th.

4. My fascinating mystery is an Inspector Ian Rutledge from the Frontlawn Library. Knew nothing about this series, didn't know it was a series, am reading the fourth one along. Rutledge is a veteran from the first world war, shell-shocked and haunted (a la Benton Fraser) by the ghost of a man he executed at the front. The ghost is very useful, actually: sees things Rutledge misses, knows things Rutledge can't. OTOH the police and legal workings sound really dodgy to me: you can't hang a woman who has a child in her care, on the grounds that she must have murdered the child's mother to get him, and so the unidentified skeleton on the moors must be the murdered mother, and so the woman is a murderer. It's not even circumstantial evidence, but OMG the threat of death hangs over her dou shiyou dou shiyou?

Shall probably not read more of this, tempting though it is as a path of least resistance way to always have a readable book on hand. This is why I'm trying to resist reading more Sookie Stackhouse, which I've heard starts going downhill at some point and may already have done so. If I must path of least etc, I have two more Sugawara Akitada Judge Dee hommages.

5. I harvested my little pumpkin and baked it for dinner and oh lord was it good. Fresh squash, fresh baby squash, is a different order of vegetable from what one buys at the store. I may start frequenting farmers' markets around here in hopes of repeating the experience: but I think even local farmers let their squash grow bigger than mine.
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