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My head is bloody but-- actually, it *is* quite bowed - Off the Cliff

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Wed Sep 3rd, 2014

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10:17 pm - My head is bloody but-- actually, it *is* quite bowed
The post-Labour Day reprieve has yet to happen. Weatherwise it's hotter than July was; kidwise there are now five sets of twins in the daycare, one set of which speaks no English at all. For good or ill there are no twins in the infant section, but there's a fast-moving commando-crawler who loves to pull hair, and a floor-sitter with thick brown curls, and the room is not big enough for the both of them.

One evening's walk this weekend led me to a box of books, and in it the collected Peter Wimsey short stories. I thought Oh goody! and picked it up. Then thought again, read a page or two, and put it back. No, alas, at my age I really can't be having with Wimsey. *Deep* desire to bean the smug git with a frying pan.

Also: I had three squash growing in my pool. I now have one. Squirrels somehow got in and ate half the little pale green one; the littlest green one has vanished completely. Swathed the middle-sized dark green one in netting, but should probably harvest it soon; no guarantees it'll be there come morning.
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