mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not entirely satisfactory reading

My foray along Bloor looking for Dick Francis' The Edge (which no one has, including the public library, tsk tsk, since it's Francis' one Canada-set book) led me to Seeker's and a copy of S.M. Peters' Ghost Ocean, which I sort-of assumed was a sequel to Whitechapel Gods, that book I can never quite bring myself to buy from Bakka. It isn't, of course: neither Victorian nor steampunk nor even English-set (foolish me believed St. Ives to be, yanno, *the* St. Ives.) Genre I'm not sure of, being no reader of horror, but I suspect horror is what it is. Has the usual bunch of typos; has many CoCs but emh when you talk of African magic, sir, you do know Africa is a flipping continent with no one overarching culture? Also Babu the surname to me is Indian, and I'm not sure why you give it to an 'African' character.

I suspect Peters of being Canadian, and think he should know better.

Mckay, Permanent Rose
Scott and Barnes, Point of Hopes
Gladstone, Full Fathom Five
Ima, Keihoushi-tachi no Shima
Scott, Point of Knives
--there was also a desultory half-reread of Point of Dreams here; a nice ten-days' return to Astreiant
Payne, The Constantine Affliction
Shibata, Channel 5
Shibata, Freeman Hero 1-9
Bryson, Shakespeare- The World as Stage
Tags: manga_14, papuwa, reading_14

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