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Not entirely satisfactory reading - Off the Cliff

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Mon Sep 1st, 2014

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10:09 pm - Not entirely satisfactory reading
My foray along Bloor looking for Dick Francis' The Edge (which no one has, including the public library, tsk tsk, since it's Francis' one Canada-set book) led me to Seeker's and a copy of S.M. Peters' Ghost Ocean, which I sort-of assumed was a sequel to Whitechapel Gods, that book I can never quite bring myself to buy from Bakka. It isn't, of course: neither Victorian nor steampunk nor even English-set (foolish me believed St. Ives to be, yanno, *the* St. Ives.) Genre I'm not sure of, being no reader of horror, but I suspect horror is what it is. Has the usual bunch of typos; has many CoCs but emh when you talk of African magic, sir, you do know Africa is a flipping continent with no one overarching culture? Also Babu the surname to me is Indian, and I'm not sure why you give it to an 'African' character.

I suspect Peters of being Canadian, and think he should know better.

Mckay, Permanent Rose
Scott and Barnes, Point of Hopes
Gladstone, Full Fathom Five
Ima, Keihoushi-tachi no Shima
Scott, Point of Knives
--there was also a desultory half-reread of Point of Dreams here; a nice ten-days' return to Astreiant
Payne, The Constantine Affliction
Shibata, Channel 5
Shibata, Freeman Hero 1-9
Bryson, Shakespeare- The World as Stage

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