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I keep trying to impress my daily perceptions of the lovely weather-- deep blue skies, cool breeze, sun-- into the long-term memory, but my mind has no good-weather memory ability. Mug and heat haze, that I remember perfectly. Sad, because there have been a lot of splendid days this month. But I have been at work with new babies etc, and nothing much else registers.

Twelve days' worth of Shibata Ami takes its toll, so I give myself a break with Bill Bryson's Shakespeare- The World as Stage, which I was very happy to find until I realized it's not Steven Greenblatt's Will in the World. A fun fast read nonetheless.
He coined-- or, to be more carefully precise, made the first use of-- 2,035 words. ... Among the words first found in Shakespeare are abstemious, antipathy, critical, frugal, dwindle, extract, horrid, vast, hereditary, critical, excellent, eventful, barefaced, assassination, lonely, leapfrog, indistinguishable, well-read, zany, and countless others (including countless.)

He produced such a torrent of new words and meanings that a good many, as Otto Jespersen once bemusedly observed, "perhaps were not even clearly understood by the author himself." Certainly many of them failed to take hold. Undeaf, untempt and unhappy (as a verb), exsufflicate, bepray and insultment were among those that were scarcely heard again.
This reminds me of reading Japanese vocab lists, where take-a-guess compounds (senpaku, shousoku, kaijo- meaningless without seeing the kanji) are interrupted by actual words--shigoto, kisoku, setsumei.
'Critical, frugal'-- words. 'Undeaf, bepray'-- typos?
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