mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I believe it's the 9th in Japan now?

Happy birthday, shiny_monkey. Next year in Toronto south-western Ontario someplace.

A lot of people were seriously discombobulated about lj not emailing them people's comments, or notice of people's comments, or whatever it is lj does. Possibly an oddity of my own, but what's the fun in having lj tell you that you've got comments? It not only spams your inbox, it deprives you of the pleasure of going to your journal and seeing that there are comments and clicking to see who they're from. Like back in the days of snail mail when I'd call home from work and ask if I'd gotten any mail. My roomies had to be instructed to answer simply yes or no, and not 'A postcard from your friend Rita in England and a letter from your aunt and something that seems to be a card from someone called Laura McLaren.'

(And why were people so discombobulated at not being notified? Couldn't they have just gone to their ljs and looked to see if there were comments? I feel I'm missing something here.)
Tags: lj, techy
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