mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh really, Guardian readers, how small-souled can you get? Reading every book on a single library shelf sounds to me like great fun, but the comments are all toffee-nosed disapproval. Is she not taking reading seriously enough? Is the exercise not improving enough? Why do people go idiotic when books and reading are concerned? Like the person who was roundly panned for making sculptures out of books-- OMG it's a *book* how could you desecrate it like that!! (Same for 'OMG it's a *book* how could you throw it out/ break the spine/ leave it facedown and open/ dogear the pages??!!! You'd think things were still handwritten on vellum, and every mass market paperback was the sole copy of Saphho's odes.)

I like arbitrary reading projects. A book for each letter of the alphabet. A book for five different genres. The first ten books offered on the Frontlawn Library. The arbitrary makes you expand your reading horizons, and not a bad thing either.
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