mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Small pleasures

Is really truly autumnal temperatures out there. 'Close the windows, wear flannel and hoodie, put the fan to exhaust' autumn temps. Not that real autumn often looks or feels like this: iron grey, briskly purposeful, tinged with woodsmoke. The real thing tends to be much muggier all round. This is a stray autumn day from my childhood, some forgotten November Sunday that was probably colder than today's 16. It's just that the gap between recent pleasant summer warmth and this sudden dry-edged 16 is the same as from an October sunny mellow 16 and a sudden winter-heralding November 5 or 6.

Autumn Preview then as now contains one invariable: tremendous allergy drips and sneezes. Ah, days of '71...

In more mundane pleasantry, found eleven dollars in the pocket of my day before yesterday's summer pants. If I'm up early enough (last night was a series of insomniac disasters which I expect to repeat tonight: morning shifts guarantee sleeplessness) I shall have a latte at the local.
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