mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The endless week after a holiday, time sense totally gone. 'Oh, I forgot to bill for that morning shift I did, I'll have to add it to the next pay period, what day was it again-- oh, this morning.' This may be why I have the feeling that it's been cool and calm all this summer: where 'all summer' means the last three days. Check my daybook, find the weekend was this year's definition of sultry- high 70sF- and violently thunderous. But last weekend is gone with the wind and a succession of inexplicable early wakings.

But it's true, it has been a cool summer, day after day of light clouds and mid or low 20sC, like living in some civil west coast city without the rain. (I keep forgetting that it *does* rain, because when it does it seems to belong to a different season, not to say country, entirely. Think Kyuushuu or Bangladesh.) I can't tell you how easy this makes life. None of the strain of keeping the house cool, of sun-struck heat dizziness when biking the main streets, of being hammered by muggy unbreathableness whenever one leaves the shelter of work's AC, or of checking the extended forecast daily to see when the world will become a rational place again. Summer is so nice when every day isn't a fight against the elements. I see why other people, living in other cities I assume, like it so much. It's like fall without the need for a jacket.
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