mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pays to read the comments, again

One of my regular reads has squash growing in his garden-- taking it over, in fact-- and bursting with flowers, but no fruit (?) as yet. Commenters told him how to tell the sex of the flower: the ones with bulbs are female. And here was me thinking that was a pollinated plant. But I have indeed one lone female squash flower, and shall try hand-pollinating it with a q-tip tomorrow.

In the stray happinesses dep't, this morning was grey and washy and coolish, and I was having my coffee and croissant at the local and reading Point of Hopes out on their patio, when mind offered me the forgotten o-Bon vacation of '91. A week off in early August, taking the Shink up to Fukushima on a day exactly like today, and spending the night in my old prof's manshon-- except I think he was away, and how did I get into his apartment if so? Odd corners of the past: but yes, I was using the JR pass that had expired by a week when I went to activate it, only the clerk stamped it anyway. (Largely I think because my response was 'Oh dear, is it expired? Ah well, too bad', and turned to leave without further argument. It sometimes pays to be a Torontonian of the old school.)
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