mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Occasionally pays to read the comments

(Mention of body functions. Skip if that bothers you.)

No idea what article it was that got the Guardian readers off on a discussion of toilet heights but there they were, insisting on the one hand that everyone should use squat toilets to avoid piles and on the other that squatting trashes the knees, until one happy soul said 'Thought everyone knew you used a little footstool to raise the knees up.' I of course have a disabled toilet that's kind to my creaky knees, and could not squat if my life depended on it. And I do indeed have a little plastic stool, bright pink with an elephant and a hippo twining tails and the motto 'Love one another' (bought in Chinatown of course) for when I first got the deep tub and had difficulty getting myself up and down in it. Still have it even now that the difficulty has vanished, because I never throw anything away-- and this is why.

Have never had piles but trust now I never will.
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