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Random bookchat

If I get paid for all the unpaid time I'm putting in, I shall have money: and on that premise I went to Bakka and bought the new edition of Point of Hopes. Came home and decided to get my old version to mark up (or at least, insert sticky notes wherever throw-away details of stuff are given): and found that I already have the new edition. So exchanged it for another copy of Fairs' Point, because you never know when that will come in handy.

(Hadn't realized how small the print is in these editions either, even though I read Fairs' Point a mere fortnight ago.)

Meanwhile I would gladly read the next three Marla Masons, but they seem to exist only in e-format. Certainly the library hasn't got them. I could read them for free online but- I don't like reading my books on a screen. Cannot parse them correctly. Amazon seems to have book copies, but enh, Amazon.

Equally Amanda Sun's books look interesting but the prequel is, you guessed it, an ebook. I suppose I should investigate cheap ipad knockoffs, and what books can be read on same. But if I cave technologically, I think it should be a cell phone; which I will never read anything on if I value my sight.
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