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Highpoints of my not very interesting life

Sent a note to the spam filter people who didn't respond. Nonetheless the regular 'two spam messages a day' ceased coming. May this trend continue.

The second Marla Mason book is stunningly good. Unfortunately the third and fourth don't live up to their predecessor.

When the s-i-l broke her arm and was lying groggy and ill on the sofa, she instructed my bro to make her something she could eat: specifically, a frozen haddock fillet seethed in butter, wine, half an onion, a bay leaf, some pepper, and I forget what else. I expressed surprise at her buying frozen fish, and she said it's fresher than regular because they flash-freeze it on the ship itself. This may be true: it's certainly cheaper than fresh fish, which I'm always antsy about because we're a ways from the ocean here and fresh often turns out to be 'previously frozen.' (I mean, so is the tuna at Tsukiji frozen, but I believe that's a health measure.) I'm partial to fish so long as it doesn't taste like fish, which in practice means tilapia, five fillets of which may be had frozen for seven bucks. Tilapia seethed in butter and lemon juice and dill is marvellous. (Too dangerous buying cooking wine: however cheap and vile it may be, I still drink it, and my stomach hates me for it.) Served with basmati rice, preferably the high-grade organic basmati served at work, meaning left-over lunch rice. And being me, I mix it all together with mushrooms and asparagus and have a one-pot meal.

Would still like to figure out a good way of making fish cakes, which use even cheaper kinds of fish. But that involves coating in panko crumbs and deep frying, and that's work, to say nothing of calories. Might see how cod works just with potatoes, or maybe mixed into my staple colcannon. Have I mentioned that the best green for colcannon turns out to be bok choy?
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