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rachaelmanija is asking about most hated songs and people are running in to offer my favourites (someone disliked Bread and Butter? Sheesh. Some people got no sensa frivolity. And Chirpy-chirpy-cheep-cheep? How could you miss the surreal horror of that one?) Interesting also the people who hate songs for their message, not the head-banging tune, because otherwise I can't account for disliking all versions of the Cherry-tree Carol or The Cat Came Back. Or 'anything from Carousel since it all combines into one big Stand By Your Man paean' because the one Carousel song everyone knows is subtextually Christian and actually promises that the Man will stand by you.

So I was going to mention my pet hate, Do the Jerk, do the jerk at work (repeat 50 million times.) Except those aren't the lyrics. It's Too legit, too legit to quit-- and I watch it on youtube and he's *still* saying Do the jerk, do the jerk at work, no really he is.
Tags: meme, music
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