mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Seasons change with the scenery

The morning, I took pains to note, was cool blue and white summer, full of promise and energy. I have no iconic memory to crystallise that kind of weather and hence can never remember it exactly.

This evening was a great round orange ball of sun settling (not setting) into a brassy greyish cloud cover/ pollution haze, and certainly stinking of same. That's the skyscape of heatwave that I know and can remember only too well. The problem is that it was 10C too cool for any kind of heatwave: the air which should have been a close unbreathing sweat-producing blanket was not unpleasantly cool. Just the humidity and the smell made it uncomfortable.

I may still sleep with the dry AC on anyway, rather than muggy air from the window fan. Have ativanned a frozen shoulder, so might as well make my sleep perfect.
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