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'There will come soft rains' - Off the Cliff

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Mon Jul 21st, 2014

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10:44 pm - 'There will come soft rains'
Rained on the weekend, as it rained the Sunday before: sprinkler-hose rain, falling in gentle individual drops one could watch. One *could* get wet in it, and yesterday in fact quite wet, even though there still remained dry patches under some trees. (Saturday I walked with an umbrella instead of bicycling and so stayed dry enough.) This is a nice change from the monsoon fire-hose dumps we've had up to now.

Cicadas begin to sing. Like sakura, something never noticed till I went to Japan.

For some reason this summer feels long-ago. I can precise the ones it feels like: 1980, newly on bikeback, bicycling out to the Danforth on warm sunny evenings: not something I'd do now, BTW; 1984, fully employed, with money to burn on dates and theatres and things like that. The weather can't have changed that much, surely, that a coolish generally dry summer feels 30-nen buri (err first time in 30 years)? Well, maybe. July is always hot, and the few years it wasn't it was humid (2004) or I was in too much pain to notice (2009) or Other Stuff Was Happening ('82, '96.) So yes, so far, a return to a pleasanter past.

(When wet, this summer goes right back to the '60s, cottage days indoors doing jigsaw puzzles of Parisian street scenes also in the rain-- cafes with the chairs tilted over the tables, grey skies, those round kiosks with theatre posters on them. I still don't know what artist it was did the original: googling the names I sort of remember, like Utrillo, gets me nothing like these pictures at all.)
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