mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Minor 100 Demons natter

1. Dreams feel the same as 100 Demons stories: a larger place with diffuse lighting and odd details that don't survive waking/ a first read.

2. My Japanese has deteriorated some, but three times through any of Ima's 'first glance meaningless' sentences usually tells me who's saying what about whom. Note that not all Japanese authors or mangaka are as (deliberately) obscure as this.

3. The blessed fannish conjunction of Astreiant, 100 Demons, and Craft appearing not simultaneously but (in the event, with the Gladstone*) sequentially, so the pleasure is extended over at least a week if not two, is unprecedented but oh so happy-making. Or perhaps not unprecedented: in the early days of fandom one was always discovering treasures like this on every side, in this stack of doujinshi or that aisle at Hourindo. Ah, days of '94 come back to me...

* which is coming from the library unless I break down and buy the hardcover; want the trade paperback for shelf-space reasons, but that will be another nine months to a year

4. 100 Demons tanks generally come out either in July--'09, '11, '12-- or late October-- '07, '08, '10, '13. (But prior to #16 they came when they came: #15 in January '07, #14 in April '06. So it's not just my imagination: there really was extra! 100 Demons when I was first getting into that fandom.) Because it's a fall-winter fandom in my mind and because July is July, the summer releases don't resonate nearly as much as the late fall ones. I have the same problem with Aaronovitch, who was first encountered in the summer when his sequels regularly show up, but whose gestalt was established by reading Moon Over Soho in a grey January, some eight months after it appeared in the spring. Luckily the next one is due in October.

5. Not 100 Demons: my mouse gets hyperactive at times-- not scrolling about randomly but highlighting and then deleting if I touch a key. Requires a feather-light touch not to lose whole paragraphs at a time. Today it went one weirder. After I'd read Post Secret and clicked something on my Favorites menu, it gave me the enlargement of the Post Secret postcard currently on-screen. Did it several times until I closed FF and reopened it. This also makes playing online solitaire difficult, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but *is* annoying.
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