mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'It feels bigger, the world'

I believe that was Ole Golly from Harriet the Spy talking about being proposed to, but Harriet thinks later that reading makes the world feel bigger too. And reading something as personally and fannishly resonant as Fairs' Point in an out-of-time cool summer (that alas my scrambled brains won't recall, even if it was just this morning) also makes the world feel bigger. The other world of the book, the other world of fandom itself: a great big room with a blue ceiling large as the sky.

Am a little sad it's finished, though one could go back and reread to get the names straight (really wanted a dramatis personae, there.) But am happy there's a spring Ghost Tide, because I've always felt April should have one as well as November. Am happy to see the Prince-Marshal back, even if no one explains how or why he's a prince and a marshal. Really hope there's more coming in this series because I love it so much.

And if I want more fandom, my 100 Demons 23 arrived with great dispatch, a week after it was shipped (air mail all the time for me now.) Let me get through tomorrow's 8-5 day, as I got through today's sleep deprived 9-4 and back for an abortive meeting, and ah! how I shall indulge.
Tags: 100demons, fandom, points, rl_14

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