mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Return to Astreiant

Bakka didn't have the new Max Gladstone because Tor splits its shipments and the Gladstone was in part 2, due 'later today or tomorrow at latest.' Ah well. Was turning to go when I remembered to ask about Fair's Point, the new Astreiant, that the she-clerk had promised to find out if they could order. With Point of Knives the he-clerk had dismissed me with Nah small press we don't order go'way ya bug me kid, so I was delighted when she said 'Oh yes, we have them all.' Came home with it and began on a cool blue summer evening, throw-back to the cottage 60s-as-I-remember-them,* and find the book also to be a throw-back to Point of Dreams, much more than anything since. Lovely to be home again.

*Memory is famously not to be trusted because it says 'oh this is just like 2001 when you were reading Dreams.' I read that one in a heatwave, but memory simply won't accept the fact, preferring the perfect surrounding to the perfect book.
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