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Autumn '05 Gaiden ep

I'm sure someone has already done a scanlation of this, never mind a translation, but for what it's worth here's my version of the latest Gaiden episode.

Colour frontispiece
(behind picture of Konzen) Now love gives a cry at birth-
from this flesh that is heading towards its own destruction

(Double page colour frontispiece)
(behind picture of Konzen and Kenren)
---Let this prayer alone not be consumed by the flames, I beg You

(Goujun's record) That was the last night

It appears they'd made a demand to the army of Heaven to be exiled to earth
That night all was quiet and peaceful, like some kind of portent
Tenpou: It's pretty clear that the army will attack at dawn
Kenren: Probably, yeah.
Tenpou: So do we attack them *before* that, or...

Kenren: ...do we take advantage of the confusion when they come in to get away?
Tenpou: That's pretty risky. But the army will probably send in more men than they need, which might actually make it easier to escape unnoticed.
Kenren: After all, there's only four of us
Goujun: (voiceover) It seemed they were planning to abandon their hostages- myself included- and to take flight.
Dawn would be the decisive moment. When the army of Heaven judged the time right for an attack, the action would begin.
Tenpou Gensui and Kenren Taishou spent hours together going over the possibilities as to what methods the army would use when they came.

Goujun: (voiceover) ...after the previous incident, Konzen Douji had carried the unconscious Seiten Taisei into the next room. He remained there and didn't come out again.
Seiten Taisei came to. For a while they were talking about all the things that happened when he was unaware of himself. It seemed that Konzen intended to keep the Seiten Taisei in the dark about the massacre the Seiten had perpetrated,
and to act as if Nataku Taishi, who'd killed himself the day before, was still alive.

Konzen: Get some sleep soon, Gokuu
We're leaving at dawn. If you don't sleep you won't be up for it
Gokuu: Did I... did I do something?
Konzen: You didn't do anything.
The soldiers attacked you and you lost consciousness. That's all.
Gokuu: No... I mean, to Nataku...

Konzen: Oh, that.
Gokuu: Hey! Was it my fault? Was it 'cause I tried to be his friend--
--that he did *that*?
Konzen: No. That wasn't your fault
Gokuu: Then *why*???
Konzen: Free...
He must have wanted to be free.

Konzen: ...to cut through the chains that were wound about him-
And that's the way he chose to do it
Gokuu: I don't get it. I just don't understand-- why--
Konzen: I suppose not.
But I'm inclined to envy him
Nataku had the courage to cut himself free, like that, with his own hand

Konzen: What that little child was able to do, the man I used to be certainly couldn't have
Gokuu: NO!!!!
You mustn't!! You mustn't ever *ever* do that!!
Konzen: Gokuu...
Gokuu: I don't want it to happen! You--
And Ten-chan and Ken nii-chan-- to go away like that--

Konzen: I won't. Relax.
Gokuu: ........
Konzen: Really. Why don't you ask the others too?
F/X cherry blossoms falling in the wind

Tenpou: The cherries are still beautiful tonight
Kenren: Whether they look beautiful or not...
Maybe depends on how you're feeling right now.
Tenpou: I agree.
Tenpou: Kenren
Kenren: Mh?
Tenpou: Do you remember?

Kenren: The first time I met you, you mean?
Tenpou: That? I don't remember it myself much, to tell you the truth.
Kenren: Well, that's because you were half-asleep, obviously. But if that's not what you were talking about--
--then is it that time you snuck our whole squadron down to earth for a yakiniku party?
Tenpou: (laughs) Oh yes, that /did/ happen.

Tenpou: I never dreamed that you'd really make me pay for the whole group.
Fifteen of us, weren't there? And you ate enough for three.
I couldn't pass off the bill from a yakiniku restaurant as entertainment expenses either.
Ahh- I still get mad thinking about that.
Kenren: *OK*. Then what *are* you talking about?
Tenpou: ....
What was it? I forget.
Kenren: *Look*---

Tenpou: ---actually, anything's OK
As long as you just remember, whatever it may be.

Kenren: ..... Really?
Tenpou: Yes, really.
F/X door opens
Kenren: Gokuu
Tenpou: Are you alright? You're not sleeping
Gokuu: Ten-chan

Kenren: Mh? What's the matter?
Gokuu: Please don't go away.
Don't leave me the way Nataku did, OK?
I don't care where I go as long as I can be with you. I'll go with you wherever you go--
I like you all a lot, so-- so--

Gokuu: Stay with me always, OK?

Kenren: Ohh-kay!!
Gokuu, stick out your little finger. C'mon, your *finger*.
Gokuu: My finger?
Konzen: What, didn't you know?

Kenren: There- Promise!
...that's called 'hooking fingers.'
It's the sign that we've made a promise.
Gokuu: 'Hooking fingers'...
Tenpou: It's alright, Gokuu. We'll always
Stay beside you.

F/X wind blowing sakura petals
Konzen: From here on, we're heading for the world down there.
Depending on circumstances we may find ourselves having to act separately,
But even if we do, next thing for sure

Konzen: We'll meet under the cherry trees Down There.
Goujun: (voice over) And so the last night ended and dawn came.
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