mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Five Entries Make A Post

1. Super moon tonight is invisible because the clouds rolled in just before sundown. Better luck next month.

2. Tim Pratt's Marla Mason is not grabbing me the way Gail Carriger or Patricia Briggs' series did. Have read that if the first book doesn't work for you, one should try another set back in Marla's home town. I doubt it, but I need no excuse to buy books, so I picked up the second just in case. Wikipedia tells me that indeed Blood Engines is the first one, and all the alluded-to-in-passing backstory hadn't appeared anywhere when first published, so that solves that head-scratchy bit. But pace all the authors who decry people who say 'But I don't *like* the characters!', not liking the characters is a great disincentive to keep reading. And I don't like Marla. Kickass heroines are tiresome, end story.

('M. John Harrison never wrote a likable character in his life!' is a debatable statement. But Harrison is a stylist and Pratt so very much is not.)

3. I may not feel any thinner now than I did twenty-five pounds ago. But to prove me wrong, there's those lime cargo pants that I bought in 2003 and stopped wearing when they wore out and ripped in the seat. I kept them because I never throw anything away; and now I've mended the seat by taking in a two inch seam, and they fit just fine, thanks.

4. Kind google solves my long-standing perplexity: apparently the gay roommate in Dick Francis appears in The Edge, a book which I didn't care for because it was set in Canada and didn't feel like any place I've ever seen here.

5. Have turned down The Little Girls tomorrow and in theory have no shifts Monday. If I can calm my adult ADHD sufficiently, shall spend two days coughing reading and relaxing before seeing the doctor Tuesday morning. At any rate, shall possibly be more rested than I currently am. And in spite of triple duvets these last two nights, have turned the AC on tonight rather than deal with chills *and* mug. This may still require triple duvets, but at least it's a rational reason for them.
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