mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A year to the day of the great Toronto monsoon we do it again. Not for two hours straight, thankfully, and arguably blinding downpours are what summer rain will be like from now on; but the kitchen at work flooded just the same, which it hasn't done during the other monsoons recently. Puzzling is that it didn't flood where it normally does, and no one can figure why it flooded where it did.

Clouds are still alternately apocalyptic and Hasui, and occasionally both.

In the Joy Proposed dep't: Max Gladstone's next comes out in a week and I get a discount with my full Bakka frequent-user card. The new 100 Demons came out today, and with SAL delivery I may well have it for the August long weekend.
Tags: 100demons, reading_14, rivers, rl_14

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