mjj (flemmings) wrote,

1. M warns me, 'Friedman is very purple.' 'No matter,' say I, blithely. 'I read Tanith Lee.' I start in on the fairly matter-of-fact prose and wonder what M was on about. *Then* hit the passage where the hard-bitten fire-breathing local merchant- who has to be bodily restrained by two burly dockhands from roaring aboard his dilatory ship and breaking the crew's heads- is left cowed-- aghast-- appalled and shaking, because one crew member has completely lost the memory of his fiancee. Oh. *That* kind of purple.

2. "In the empty streets before the rain/ The evening air is autumn now." A moist dank night, oddly cool for July, as I rode home near midnight from the Little Girls'. Was exactly the feel of 3 or 4 am returns from parties in the early 80s. Ah youth, youth. And ah, now I think of it, the poor neighbours of those late night dance parties.

3. Remains misty moisty and gunk-eye weather, so I clean grunge from the stove fan filter, and hope I can get filter back in place. Last did this ca 2007 or so, I believe; but now I use vinegar and baking soda instead of Goof-off and bleach. Go me.
Tags: reading_14, rl_14, verse

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