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Found verse - Off the Cliff

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Mon Jun 30th, 2014

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11:08 am - Found verse
Thomas Forster is a mathematician at Cambridge, with some obscure-to-me NZ connection, who also posts a poem a week: lovely stuff, like The Dancing Cabman, last seen in my grade 9 poetry book and enchanting to me in its surrealism. 'Nonsense verse'? Nonsense! But I still agree with many of his statements: "Philip Larkin is the greatest vernacular poet in English of the twentieth century. Or was he? Does being a miserable git (and a gravely ideologically challenged miserable git at that) prevent you from being a great poet?"

If his poem pages have an index rather than an outdated link, I can't find it. Randomosity or nothing. Random however gives you:

Frère Jacques

Life is but a
Life is but a
melancholy flower
melancholy flower
Life is but a melon
Life is but a melon

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