mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My irrational but firm belief that Two Serpents Rise would make much more sense if I read the Acatl books first was in fact correct. What was dizzyingly mystifying last January (with a virus, true) became a fast fun read this weekend. Now I want to reread Three Parts Dead but lack a copy. Somehow I'd thought Bakka had a mass market edition; it does not, and $20 when the tax is included is something that must wait for the next paycheque. Luckily that's Thursday, when the grubby rainy mug may have lifted as well.

My memory of the first book does suggest that Gladstone has a theme of people making really bad people choices. However I'm more interested in the world-building and will let the bad choices slide. Especially as mine have never been any better.

Ganpo Abbey has a space open for a one week retreat in mid-August. Am so tempted to take it, just to demonstrate to myself that retiring to a Buddhist monastery is not at all what I want to do. Shan't, of course. Must learn to sit on floors first. But maybe next year, when the thought of being retired sings its siren song in my ear.
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