mjj (flemmings) wrote,

One nice thing, one half-nice, one wazurawashii

1. Useful classification of the varieties of fictional and imaginary Londons.

2. There's Music On Clinton St dep't: neighbourhood has the idea of having amateur musicians play at various spots round Seaton Village today. Nice enough at the local coffee shop where a guitarist played and sang A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. Not so nice up here in the second floor back when I'm getting the drums from someone's amplified hiphop in the park a block away. Have closed windows. Shall adjourn to another coffee shop shortly.

3. Electioneers are still ringing the doorbell, advising people to vote in the advanced poll this weekend. (By-election to fill a hitherto socialist seat is called for June 30, in what some people see as a nefarious plan by the Conservative PM to spike the whole thing, the 30th being the Monday between the weekend and the national holiday on the 1st.) Voted yesterday in the Tokyo-like cool grey, because yes, half the staff at work is making the bridge and taking the day off and the rest of us must double-shift. Shall put a sign on the door advising the dogs of politics: 'I've voted: GO AWAY.'
Tags: place, rivers, rl_14

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