mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Here comes the rain again...

Couldn't wake up this morning but had to-- doctor's appt, to which I bicycled. Pleased I can still do that in under an hour. Pleased at how far I get up the hill before having to get off and walk, in spite of allergies and goop in upper respiratory system. But there was a nasty storm system coming towards us that gave the day the kind of nightmare film that tornado-type storm systems tend to do, among the pressure-sensitive.

In the event, storm didn't arrive until I was safely home after work. Grew black, deluged, thundered a bit, went away. The air is still as sodden as my lungs: coolness will not be here till Thursday. And meanwhile it's one of those 'how can it only be Tuesday?' type weeks and I must go to a government seminar Saturday morning so it's not even 'roll on the weekend.'
Tags: rl_14

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