mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Possibly I shall stop eating entirely

Possibly everyone knows not to wash chicken, but I wonder about turkey. If I'm stuffing a turkey and the cavity is full of watery blood, trust me, I want to rinse the sucker. Possibly this is why brining is a good idea- but then oh noes! the brine water must go down the drain where it will splash and contaminate the counter and the walls and the floor and the ceiling even!!! Dou shiyou, dou shiyou?

And liver- how can one chop liver for stirfry without rinsing it beforehand?

OTOH I'm glad the Graun readers support my lazy habit of leaving dishes draining on the counter. Not sure I buy the logic: a dedicated tea towel used only to dry dishes washed in very hot water isn't going to have germs from my cooking hands on it.

Have also just learned about rennet, a substance I was blissfully unacquainted with before. So much for the notion that cheese is vegetarian-friendly.
Tags: food

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