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Two doors up, who have their bedroom in the back, tell me my raccoon baffles are working because this year they're not woken early by raccoons snarling at the birds, squirrels, or their own babies, as raccoons have been wont to do these many years past. They're woken early by the flipping birds, but that goes with the territory.

My squash plants are sprouting happily in their pots. Must buy more netting because soon I shall have to transplant some at least to a bed. Should google as to whether one can keep squash plants in pots on a table (in the only sun my garden gets.) They spread so much, I rather doubt it. But the bees need to get at the flowers, if and when, and for that one can't have double netting.

I think that what clawed through the single netting to dig in the swimming pool garden was perhaps a cat, or kitten. There was nothing growing where the creature dug, hence not squirrel. And what else would dig?
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