mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Two muggy unbreathing days in a row, with rain last night and this morning; and my feet swell like breadloaves. It must have been worse than this when I was thirty pounds heavier but to my eye my ankles look exactly the same as then. Wonder if the humidity and mug also account for those muscle spasms that still keep trying to happen in my left thigh, most annoyingly.

The heat blew away this evening, rather as it did a week ago. Then I went back to a flannel nightdress for sleeping but one doesn't do flannel in June. Maybe a t-shirt and hoodie?

ETA: now isn't that interesting. This time when I google 'inner thigh cramp' I come across a forum of people with exactly my symptoms, including that 'getting up off the couch' one. (Except they all have right leg cramps.) Caused by dehydration, they say, which makes sense; tonic water's quinine will work for some, and pinching the skin between the thumb and forefinger. Heartening also is their claim that nothing is as painful as a thigh cramp 'including childbirth'. At least I don't have the urge to vomit as many of them do.
Tags: health, rl_14

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