mjj (flemmings) wrote,

There's an end of May- again

Weatherwise an irreproachable weekend: sunny, cool, clean air and deep blue skies. Alas that my property tax bill came Friday, so sun delights not me nor cool neither. (Though last night's cool wind at the study window was pleasant, in a timeless 'I have felt this before' fashion.) Or maybe it's the frozen shoulder I woke up with Friday morning, that even today's acupuncture could not relieve. Or maybe it's the perpetual threatening charley horse in the thigh, or maybe it's the sad recollection of babies left and gone*, or maybe it's the latest chapter of Saiyuki Reload Blast.

Next few days are set to be hot, wet, and thunderous, or IOW June.

*Souls of poets dead and gone,
What Elysium have ye known
Happy field or mossy cavern
Choicer than the Mermaid Tavern?

Have had that in my head since I was eleven or so and never realized it was Keats.

Stasheff, Her Majesty's Wizard

Lively, The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy
-- long on atmosphere, short on resolution, which is how I remember Lively being in general

de Bodard, Harbinger of the Storm

Mizuki, NonNonBa
--that Other Japan, always situated outside of Tokyo and earlier than Heisei.

Fforde, The Eyre Affair

Kipling, Something of Myself
--the other thing one likes about Kipling is that he liked his family and his family liked him. Got on beautifully with his parents in a good friends fashion, even though they were separated for ten years from the age of six to sixteen. That might have put a crimp in anyone's relationship

Mizuki, Kitaro
--I can see how very Japanese it is, but to me it's a slighter work than NonNonBa

We shall add three books to the PoC fantasy challenge, then.

I was surprisingly social in May, in that I went out and saw people four of the five weekends, in addition to my regular auntly visits and babysitting gigs. Also spent a week taking daycare laundry to the laundromat; wrote a little; planted my garden, where at least two squash are starting to come up; and worked quite a bit, making my bank account happy. It should have been a classically excellent May, then; just, it wasn't.
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