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When you write nothing for four years (well, three and a half if you count squibs) you forget how to write. So I'm sorry for the feebleness of this; it had a much better ending when I was telling it to myself at the laundromat, but I forgot that by the time I got home.

However, 31_days is using that list of 'foreign words that don't have English counterparts but should' and today's prompt is mamihlapinatapei-- supposedly Tierra del Fuegan for 'the look shared by two who desire to start something yet are reluctant to.' Hence the following, which happens after book two.

"Why not? I'm very experienced, very skilled, and you'll admit, very easy on the eyes--"

"You're my subordinate; I'm your mentor. No matter how--" she checked before the words 'you people' could slip out-- "your culture may regard such relationships, the Library disapproves."

"We're not in the Library here."

"I carry the Library with me. I'm sorry, it's impossible."

He regarded her under his eyebrows-- those elegant arching black wings above dark liquid eyes-- no, *stop*. "And you're quite sure it's nothing to do with my-- culture?"

"No, of course not!" Did she say that too quickly? "I mean-- Well, possibly. There's your rank--"

"I'm an apprentice of the Library."

"Yes, but beside that. You're a prince." I assume. "That would make me--" she floundered for words-- "a favourite. Of yours. I can't be that, *and* your superior. You must see that."

He brightened. "But I could be *your* favourite. Makes sense, in my culture or yours. The duty of a subordinate is to serve his superior in everything, and I'm quite ready to do that, in any way you please--" He moved closer, smiling a million promises.

"And what would your father say?"

He froze. "My father?"

"Your uncles. Your brothers. About you being a human's favourite. Would they approve if they knew? Or would they be..." tsunami-making furious?

He swallowed. "They needn't find out."

She said nothing. He drooped. "Well, they needn't, you know. But- oh well. If it bothers you that much..." After a moment he turned and trailed out her bedroom door. She sat down abruptly.

Won that round.

Damn it.
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