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Possibly it's my old Firefox, possibly it's the old version of the Weather Network, but the latter often fails to load on the former when I click the link. Instead I get

Internal Server Error
Guru Meditation

which, like the Autocorrects on iphones, I must think some geek's notion of humour, because otherwise I can't account for it.

This day in 1991 was a record high in Toronto, but I woke in Fukushima and went to bed in Tokyo, and the sun was as brassy and the air as polluted-smelly then as it is today. Have inevitably had early-90s Tokyo on the brain for the last week, and now remember why I came home.

The Buddhists say there are three kinds of happiness, which (paraphrasing grossly) are: happiness arising from circumstances, happiness independent of circumstances, and happiness that doesn't even think of circumstances because it lives in another space entirely. An Eeyore from birth, I'd like the second, which seems attainable even by non-religious types like my aunt and s-i-l: basic cheerfulness in spite of what's happening about you. The intersect between how you see the world and how the world then behaves is only now becoming apparent to me: 'objective' reality is at least half merely the reality you see.
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