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Horticultural despair - Off the Cliff

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Sat May 3rd, 2014

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10:48 pm - Horticultural despair
Between the cold, the rain, and my s-i-l's injury, the garden languishes. For all the prairie common wisdom of 'wait till the 24th to do anything', this is not Alberta, and I could plant cold-loving things like beans and lettuce even now, in the forecast lows of 5C. So I ready myself for the literally fruitless task once again, hampered alike by past failure to grow anything as well as by the s-i-l's inability to drive to the super's garden centre to buy earth and peat moss and fertilizer. Doing it by bicycle is so much slower, one bag at a time. But last December they lent me a shopping cart to lug the traction sand home in; maybe they might let me load some bags on a trolley and trundle them the block and two-halfs to my house?

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