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Loose end

For the rest of this week I am once again a body that works and does little else. Most people are in this position all the time, so I can't complain. But it adds depth to those Buddhist strictures about one's ineffable good fortune in being born a human who is able to learn about the Dharma, which western Buddhists specifically say means a person with enough leisure to do so.

Dragging my feet on the second Acatl book. I hoped it would do something new but so far we're given All The Meen Preests Hate Acatl, which is a rehash of book 1's Acatl's Brother (the successful warrior) Hates Acatl (the ineffective priest of an unpopular god) For No Reason At All. Truly, everyone blames poor bland as tapwater Acatl for almost everything that goes wrong-- 'I cheated on my wife and now she hates me and it's all your fault, Acatl, even though you've been away for five years.' They also expect miracles from him, god knows why, because he comes across as a nonentity, and blame him some more when they don't happen. I hope this isn't her way of making him a sympathetic character, because the Meen Guyz topos annoys me. Irrational hatred works for me only when the author indicates the rationale at work, if you follow: there must be emotional sense even if not a logical one. And I haven't the faintest idea why Acatl's brother-- his older brother-- thought Acatl the Family Failure could be responsible for anything.

I thought I'd established that the unnamed protagonist of The Walking Man did live in Tokyo, but no-- his letters are sent to someone in Zenpukuji in Suginami-ku, but the return address isn't shown. Though Suginami-ku looks very like the place where he lives.

Vacuumed the bedroom, hoovered up the dust elephants, and threw out a stack of notebooks hiding in a corner. They dated from 1994 through 1996, with my first Papuwa and Dorian fic drafts written in pencil. Embarrassing and nostalgic both. But who knows where the time goes, and how did those fannish days get to be twenty years ago instead of ten? Have taken two antihistamines for the dust-related allergies (laziness isn't the only reason I postpone cleaning) and shall shower as well. Alas, my humidifier's fan stopped working last night so I can't settle the dust that way.
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