mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Horticultural; also the dark side of literacy

The forsythia in the neighbourhood are beginning to flower. This has never happened before. One (warm) day there are no forsythia, next day the city is a riot of yellow everywhere. But on my evening walk tonight I saw three bushes with small drooping flowers, dispirited and fed-up. If it was sunny and over 10C they might perk up, but we have rain and 'feels like 5C' for the rest of the week. (Mind, I'm no fan of forsythia. Overdone. But at least reliable.)

The backyard lilac bush has little green tips but the cherry isn't even thinking about leaves, let alone blossoms.

Indoors my bedroom bookshelves need attending to, given the curtains of dust that rise whenever I move anything on them. At some point I put a bunch of promising-looking BL manga there, from the treasure trove of 2003, to be read whenever I felt like a BL fix. At least, I assume that's why they were there. But I flipped through half a dozen of them yesterday and found them the blandest yaoi LCD; I mean, several were quite explicit but they were still all the oldest tropes drawn in the most unexciting of styles. Five went straight into the recycle. Only the one about the psychic kid who manipulates politicians stayed, because I kind of want to see how you do BL with that. If it segues into shota, I'll let you know.

And oh the relief of not having them there any more, and being able to throw them away without repining. Never mind the Buddhist kleshas: it's books that bind the soul.
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