mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Wherever you go, there you are. Your luggage is another story."

I've caught a cold from the two sneezy darlings I'm currently nannying, which makes me a little light-headed and prone to hysterical laughter. My darlings are Israeli, which in my observation is only tangentially related to what we think of as Jewish, but still I'll dedicate this to them.

They have to get passports, both Israeli and Canadian, even though they're only five months old. I discover that the picture on an Israeli passport must not be changed for four or five years, meaning that the well-grown four-year-old will still be travelling on his squint-eyed blob passport. I tell you, that kid could be *anyone*, and is probably a Colombian drug mule.

Equally, Canadian regulations forbid smiling in your passport picture, even babies. This makes taking a picture of a five month old problematic, because if it's a human face the five month old smiles at it by reflex and if there's no human face she probably wails. You'd think governments would think; but then again, maybe you wouldn't.
Tags: humour, rl_05

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