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Coldest March in thirty years, they say. I suppose: *consistently*… - Off the Cliff

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Mon Apr 7th, 2014

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08:57 pm
Coldest March in thirty years, they say. I suppose: *consistently* cold, and the warmest it got to was 10C. I've been seeing blooming flowers here and there on my bike rides: ascertained today that they're in fact plastic, put out by people who are tired of waiting for the coldest March in thirty years to be over. Have actually seen real snowdrops in certain north-side yards; but the south-side yards still have snow hills in them.

Brainfried, couldn't read Two Serpents Rise on the weekend. Read A Distant Neighbourhood/ Haruka na machi e instead, manga by the Times of Botchan mangaka. Ah, Japan and trains... (Am bothered by the translation of machi as neighbourhood. In this context I suppose it's reasonable, but it feels like there ought at least to be a colloquial word for neighbourhood in English, and there isn't. Is *why* you have the 'hood, I assume.) (Also I feel like the Japanese is reaching for 'Another country' as in The past is, which you can't render in English either.)

Still brainfried (had to be reminded several times that today was Monday) went and got more translated comics- The Rabbi's Cat and Adèle Blanc-Sec. There's no excuse for the latter because I've had the French versions on my shelves for at least twenty-five years if not more; and never read them, of course.

Today also was a farewell dinner for Annie Canoe at a nice, putatively Mexican restaurant that in the event served us roast beef and spinach-ricotta stuffed chicken breasts. How strange to be out at a restaurant dining with friends (and a whole bunch of other people) instead of at home on the internet. Quite makes her feel the way she used to feel-- forty years ago when I used to drop in on the house of friends who lived just round the corner from the restaurant.

Buddhistically one shouldn't want things to go one's way. Second Noble Truth and all. But it's so *nice* when things go one's way. My taxes are finished and I get a refund. My insurance policy came and I can cancel the old one and get a refund. My HST refund came today and I found the cheque I'd misplaced and I have half the accountant's fee right there. I feel solvent and content.

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Date:April 12th, 2014 10:48 am (UTC)
I feel solvent and content.

Haha, would that I could feel that way more frequently! I'm sure that whilst the Second Noble Truth basically says that wanting things is bad, I'm sure not there's an implicit condemnation in there of enjoying good things when they come to you - why cause yourself suffering by fretting over having things when you can simply say "It is nice that this has happened, and I shall enjoy it for what it is."?

In short, smile, be happy and use money however it seems best to you! ;D
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Date:April 12th, 2014 12:55 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, one may enjoy the going-my-way episodes when they happen. It's the not repining when it stops that's hard; and even harder is not desiring it to happen before it happens. Hard for me to say 'well if I get money back this time, good; and if I have to pay a further $7000 in taxes, good.' Not good: not good at all.

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