mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I've been watching Onmyouji 2. A little late in the day the penny drops in re: Hiromasa, and I think where have I seen that dorky expression before? Unh-hunh, Li Seitan in Youmi Henjou Yawa, drawn by no-coincidence the Onmyouji mangaka. Checking out my one volume of Onmyouji (and still not getting past the opening obscure episode wherein Seimei instructs goggling Hiromasa in the geometrical properties of the onmyou tradition) I find yes theatrically overdone Hiromasa and dryly ijiwaru Seimei. I fancy the movie is merely being true to its manga roots.

I also discover a hilarious western review of Onmyouji 2 by someone with evidently no knowledge of history, kyougen, or much of anything else. The Tokugawa Mikado and the daimyou officials, huh? to say nothing of "We witness the official's body being thrown, screaming, with incredible force from his palladin." An official might well scream when ripped apart from his paladin in presumed mid-intercourse. Whether seme or uke, the experience cannot fail to be painful.
Tags: okano_reiko, onmyouji
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