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1. Blue sharp-edged sunny days of March, how lovely you are. Almost as much as the grey dry Novemberish days of March, which was yesterday. Or maybe they're more Decemberish, because as I walked back from the coffee shop, I was ambushed by a memory of advent calendars in childhood, somehow called up by the whorled clouds and the cold.

2. Shaw is a one-way-south street on the other side of Christie, about the only street linking Bloor to Dupont. (A Russian Orthodox cathedral and a Catholic elementary school interrupt the others.) Today under all the 'one way' and 'no entry' signs were new large black Bicycles excepted add-ons. Hurrah!

3. Forgot to reduce the wine before adding the meat to my slow-cook recipe. This is why web recipes need to be transferred to hard copy format. Shall have to slow cook it extra, I suppose.

4. Thought the no Pepsi regime wouldn't survive the arrival of allergy season, nor has it. Oh cold caffeine, my stay and hope, give me energy and help the meds to soothe my aching sinuses.

5. A farewell sandwich at that little cafe on Shaw which is moving 'around the corner, a 4 minute jaunt away' they say, the liars. Four minutes by bike, perhaps, but no one can walk five long blocks in four minutes.

Probably shan't miss it that much: coffee too strong and filled with yups and their macs. We only go back to 2010 and the books I read there (Mushishi in English, Ten Nights Dream, The Gods of Manhattan, East of Sunset) have odd and not quite pleasant associations. Well, there was Pema Chodron and The Hobbit this time last year, but generally, no.
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