mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Thursday triumph and despair

Walked in shoes! Got bicycle back!! Bicycled in shoes!!! for the first time since mid-December, when a week ago I was in boots and grippers plodding through the ice floes with a cane.

State of the Me however is such that, readying backpack, I looked with disfavour at the Japanese grammar book in it and decided to go with- yanno-- that book I'm reading-- that other book-- uhh what was that book? Dreamlike conviction that I had a book on the go, but couldn't recall a thing about it. Also couldn't find it until it appeared from under a load of laundry. Sugawara Akitada mystery that I clearly won't remember afterwards.

After work, going through email and attempting to send several to the 'useful' file, managed to mark all my inbox as deleted. Luckily my online mail holds on to deleted items for a space so I could save the lot to another file. Couldn't undelete, which I call a glitch. Then waded through 'useful' to forward the ones I need to have in my inbox (long story involving two different webfaces for the same mail, which give me different addresses in the address book and sometimes won't access the same files.) Found email from chiropractor last year and realized I hadn't asked for receipts from him this year. So much for my 'all ready for accountant' taxes that I could run up to him Friday morning.

Also more snow tomorrow. Back in boots and off the bike. Thus March in TO.
Tags: rl_14

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