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Wednesday triumphs - Off the Cliff

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Wed Mar 19th, 2014

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09:49 am - Wednesday triumphs
Once again had the promise of vile weather (freezing rain this week) for Wednesday morning, once again woke to dry sidewalks and the sun coming up. Is now raining, which is just fine by me. Reprieve.

Morning mail contains digital insurance form as promised on Monday (and whose nonappearance yesterday had me in a tizzy.) Some minor info not correct but if it's ignorable I can send the thing in today with coverage to start as of Monday. Insurance really is the same portal into the Anxiety Dimension as taxes used to be. Is at least good practice in dealing with the reality warp of the Anxiety Dimensions. 'That looming monster isn't really there, you just think it is.'

*Possibly* connected with the above though you can't prove it from my intake this last week, scale this morning had me at 182.6 pounds and wouldn't budge no matter how many different ways I stood on the thing. I have therefore officially beaten my 2011 record and am within twenty pounds of what I weighed in my 30s. That it doesn't make getting up out of chairs any easier is a pain, but that, presumably, is what one does knee strengthening exercises for.

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