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So The Guardian has a think-piece- rather idiotic IMHO- about… - Off the Cliff

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Sat Mar 15th, 2014

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01:38 pm
So The Guardian has a think-piece- rather idiotic IMHO- about Jonathan the 182 year old tortoise of St Helena. And cites Derrida analysing "the bizarre feeling of shame and nakedness he feels when he comes out of the shower and is confronted by his cat." As someone says, "Wow, that is some neurosis". Other comments that made me LOL quite literally:

-The cat isn't naked. It's dressed in its own fur. The human feels, presumably, "fur envy". (I think Freud missed that bit.)

Reply: Was Fur Elise Beethoven's cat?

(Must buy Beethovan's Wig's CD and its take off on same.)

-We've become soft, effete urbanites. The next fashion will be to start weeping for withered plants.

(reply) "Beverley Nichols was in tears - one of his daffodils left home!" (Norman Evans in "Over The Garden Wall")

(me: nobody reads Beverley Nichols these days, and a good thing too)
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