mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The days go by too quickly, the nights go by too slow

Couldn't sleep last night, unfortunate given the 8:30 shift this morning. Lay happily in the dark counting breaths and thinking of this and that and probably dozing from time to time. But deep unbroken sleep, no. At last got up at 6:30 to shovel the promised 10 cm of snow, which were nowhere to be seen. Sidewalks damp but not slippery, melt water not frozen. Thank you, God. The light rain was just beginning to go solid when I set out at 7:30, overcast skies making it seem dark as night, which somehow flashed me back to my post-Christmas return-to-Japan trips of the 90s. Same thing: no sleep, a lie-down for a few hours followed by 5 am rising, the cab called for 6 taking me out in wintry dark to the airport where nocturnal people were doing their nocturnal things by too much light, and I felt myself in another dimension.

You must understand, yesterday was spring: blue skies, sun, high over 10C (50F), ice melting in rivers and gurgling down street drains. For twenty whole minutes my knees didn't hurt and I walked quickly to work, wishing my bike's brakes weren't so unreliable so I could bicycle as the day demanded. Yes, well. It snowed all through today, heavily, with a bitter north wind and temperatures falling; I cleared paths at work three times through a good 12" accumulation. The main drag's sidewalks were plowed, I think: but I looked at the flat trodden snow as I walked home and said 'that's going to be ice by tomorrow.' And indeed, clearing my own street, wherever the snow had been trampled down, it had gone to an unmoving kind of half-ice. March snow is always an odd unchancy beast.

Upshot of insomnia, season change, weather change, and 8:30 to 5 day is that I've sort of misplaced myself tonight, and very pleasant that is. Must be awake to greet dryer cleaners at 9 tomorrow, but that means sleeping in till 8:30. Which this week is a luxury.
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