mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Seasonal natter

Ah, the bright bright sun of March! shining in low and revealing the layers of dust under furniture. But no matter-- I have vacuumed it up and now have my clean bright *cozy* house, because this March, unlike even last year, is a cold one. Even when warm it's cold. As in, last year memory says I went the whole winter, bar a few -13 days, in the neck warmer incandescens made for me; while this year, even in yesterday's well above freezing, I was too cold and had to go back to the thick woolly muffler she also made for me. We shall see what happens in the next two days' 5/6 C. I bet I still want the muffler because above freezing means lakes in the street and the chill dank rising therefrom.

Though seriously: in a winter without serious snowstorms, where did all the icebergs in the street come from? I've been chopping *ice* since January, but when did we get the snow? Maybe it's those 2-3cm increments that disappear from sidewalks (by and large) but freeze in the gutters. Any highs of 3 or 5 or even 7 are somehow followed by nights of -10 or -15, so the melt returns as even more ice. I'm beginning to feel the longing for *shoes*, but the combination of daytime wet-over-slippery and lagoons at each corner, and nighttime skating-rink-smooth, means not yet by a fair chalk.

Am amazed by the number of people who don't register DLS. At 9:45 I went by the coffee shop that opens at 9:30 on Sundays. Is closed, with chairs stacked on the tables and no sign of life. Walked about the neighbourhood, came back at 10:20, Sunday guy has opened up- doubtless in a panic of OMG I forgot!!!- and there's a couple drinking coffee already. In his haste he hasn't adjusted the clock yet. 'Shall I change the clock for you?' 'Uh yeah sure.' Do. Go to get my latte. 'Uh, was it fast?' (Owner likes to keep the clock ten minutes ahead of time, for his own obscure reasons.) 'No, it's daylight saving.' Couple look up. 'The clocks go forward today?!' 'Last night at 2.' 'I had no *idea*!' Nice for some people, free of the recurrent urami of 'I lost an hour today!'

Mh- like the replacement person several years back who kindly waited till 7:15 to call and ask me to do her 8:30 shift, unaware that DLS had given me 15 minutes to get up, dressed, and to work.
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