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Someone from Chicago, that has weather akin to ours, was saying that this February was the sunniest in eight years. I think that may be true here as well, even if memory supplies only the five or six sloppy days that were the exception. (Two of those were the Friday and Monday of our long weekend, so they sort of stick in a grudge-held fashion.)

It's true, though, there's been a lot of what I think of as dragon weather, meaning 'sort of like late January 2003 when I was writing dragons' ie sunny and extremely cold. Of course there was also a lot of clumping about in grippers with a cane and shaking the salt out of them whenever I came in the house, and my bootlaces stiff and white with salt as well, requiring occasional soaking to make them soft enough to tie, and the damnable winter torture of a salt crystal slipping into one's boot to be discovered only as you start walking outside: sharp nasty thing digging into one's sole in worst medieval pilgrimage peas-in-shoes fashion and no way of getting it off and shaken out until you reach the subway.

But this last week somehow has been clear dry sidewalks (no idea what happened to that messy wintry mix of eight days ago) and temps too cold to allow melt to start, let alone freeze. Very nice, and probably due to stop now it turns March. 'sOK: I think I'd welcome a little shovelling after all the jarring ice chop of this winter, that's done my shoulders no good at all. They hold out, a miracle, but would be happy for a rest.

Yesterday my computer was making an odd breep-breep-breep noise on certain web pages. Couldn't figure what the HD was doing or why it was only certain webpages. Then realized it was, dear god, a bird outside in my cherry tree: yes, in the -10C cold. The sun was shining, see, so it must be spring on its way.
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